…so easy it’s LifeProof!!!

One of the encumbrances we all deal with when out on the water is how to take nice pictures or video without risking or completely TRASHING our cameras or phones! We take extensive measures when filming Fish the Baja to keep the Sony cameras OUT of the water and even spray so hopefully they will last a few years. Well taking pictures and keeping your iPhone safe has taken a HUGE leap forward with the LifeProof case & the LifeProof LifeJacket!

With these two additions to the mix I am TOTALLY confident in taking my iPhone5 into any wet situation, from surf fishing in the BIG waves here in Baja to taking my Hobie Pro Angler out in 6 footers in the Pacific!

No worries, in fact if you want your buddy in the other Hobie to snap your picture just throw him your phone!!!

Check out this shot that I ripped from some underwater video of that gorgeous Dorado while Wesley was fighting it!!!














What great peace of mind to know your iPhone is safe & that you can take surface or underwater photos or video without a care!  …IT’S LIFEPROOF …JUST SHOOT IT!!!

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