the Baja experiment begins…

Last week my wife Mary and I got to Cabo San Lucas but not in the usual fashion …via and airplane, a taxi ride and such. Instead we “braved” the 4-day, 2,100-mile road trip that had been in my heart ever since I came to Baja the first time more than 20 years ago. Leaving the snowy mountains of Colorado and Utah (it was 10 degrees when we left!) we high tailed it to Las Vegas, then across the desert and traffic of California to San Diego after a brief stop at Hobie Cat Company in Oceanside!
















Now the adventure portion of the trip was to begin and we were feeling a bit of apprehension at this LONG & UNKNOWN journey we were about to “get ourselves into”!!! After having driven in 5 continents and 37 countries I have to tell you that the 1,000-mile trip down the Baja peninsula was one of the best I have ever done. Mary and I were both blown away with how verdant and green the Baja Norte countryside was with rolling hills of green grass and cattle.

Further on the grass gives way to vineyards and acres of greenhouse full of every vegetable imaginable!









Breaking out of the mountains at Santa Rosalia on the Sea of Cortez was one of those “OH WOW” moments too rare for most people these days …I think we both gasped a little! Bottom line is not matter what the drive had been like the final destination for us was Cabo San Lucas …a horrible drive would have been ok!

We will be down here fishing and kayaking and writing for 3 months or so …I’m trying to get a few projects off the ground and Lord willing they will come to fruition. So plan on seeing a few more blogs and pix at Fish the Baja site, if Mary has her way about three times per week, and hope you won’t get too bored with our little Baja experiment! Ciao!

Check out this spectacular sunrise one of our first mornings here  WOW! ….worth the drive all by itself!!!

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  1. You should sell that photo of the sky. Looks like the solmar beach where you were at. I think you would make some real decent money if you sold prints of the sunrise. Regards Don

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