World Record Marlin gallery…

WR Black Marlin 1,560WOW Check out the size of this Black Marlin.  It is the ALL-Tackle World Record Black weighing in at 1,560 lbs!  Hard to get your mind much less your arms around this one!!!  See the 5 biggest Marlin caught by species!  AWESOME!!!

Marlin World Record Pictures | Marlin MagazineHere is the Atlantic Blue Marlin record at 1,402lbs  YOWZA!!!

WR Pacific Blue 1376This is the Pacific World Record Blue Marlin at 1,376lbs!

WR  White Marlin 181-14In a different class but still impressive World Record White Marlin at 181-14oz

WR Striped Marlin 494And finally the World Record Striped Marlin at 494 pounds …what a fish!!! INSPIRING CATCHES ALL!!!






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