…dine on the Marina Cabo San Lucas

_MG_3094 Walking the Marina in Cabo San Lucas these days it is hard to imagine the Pericu people living around the shores of the Bay hunting, fishing & living off shellfish. In the mid 1500’s the first Europeans, Spanish Pirates, showed up and used the natural port as a hide away as they raided English ships laden with gold!  Today the Marina at Cabo San Lucas boasts one of the most well run facilities in the world and is stocked with multimillion dollar Sports fishing boats and yachts. In fact at this writing, super-yacht “AIR”, the 265′ floating palace of the Perfetti Brothers, (Billionaire Candy merchants from Italy) is moored at the end of the main dock!!! This yacht alone is reported to cost 700 Million Euros (about $825,000,000 USD). …makes the 3 Million helicopter on the back seem CHEAP! Anyhow, I could go on  and on about the boats but this is about dining at the Marina!  No mater what your taste the Marina Promenade offers 30+ restaurants with anything from fish to burgers, sushi to steak & lobster! Check out this video of the restaurants you’ll see as you stroll the Marina and dream!!!   One thing for sure you’ll have an easier time than the Perico people to get a great meal! Who knows you may just get some Italian guy to pick up your tab!!!

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