…Jack Crevalle at Migrino


Had this nice, however not large, Jack Crevalle at Play Migrino the other day!  New fishing buddy, Dave Arnold from Jersey was along to grab my iP5 and get some video!  Super fun on light rod & line!  The fish ate a Jensen Ballyhoo lure that I was ripping around a rock outcropping which made it necessary to run 100 yards down the beach to keep him out of them!  Don’t YOU love the smell of screaming drag in the morning?????


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  1. Don Kiser says:

    Nice jack.!! Your doing really well with that Jensen red and white Ballyhoo lure. Have noticed that you have been getting a fair amount of fish on that lure. Love the photos and videos. You live in a world we only dream about. Regards

  2. Thanks Don. That Jensen Ballyhoo is kicking some butt lately! there are LOTS of LIVE Ballyhoo around so that is probably why Thnx for Following my ramblings! Dave

  3. Don Kiser says:

    Dave is that smaller stella 10000 as fast as the stella 18000.? Was looking to purchase an 18000 mainly because its fairly fast. Is the 10000 large enough and fast enough for everything in cabo off the beach. Or would you recommend one of the new 2013 stella that are coming out. Your thoughts.??

  4. if you are going to have one reel i would get the 18000 or the Diawa 6000H is a great choice for much less money! I like the 10k for smaller fish, esp. the Sierra and smaller Roosters although it will handle big stuff too with 450 yards of line …i think!!!

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