…just one of those days!!!

IMG_7726just one of those days! It is good at times to just recall HOW GOOD we have it generally here on Planet Earth, especially in the United Stares!  I know we have debt out the ying yang, some sort of financial crisis is looming ( nobody seems to know what ) and trust in our leaders is at historic LOWS!!! But generally we have it VERY good and live at a standard far above 9/10ths of the rest of the humanoids.  That said every once in awhile you just have one of those days where the negatives seem to out weigh or even overwhelm the positives!  Today was such a day for me here in Baja.  Full of promise and hope as Wesley Brough and I met a 5:45Am to surf fish together but it went South from there.  Fishing with Wes is ALWAYS a joy but the fish never showed up and as we were about to move my faithful Tundra seemed to be sinking in the soft sand!  Well we got it loose after digging out by hand for 20 minutes but I noticed the truck would not go in reverse.  Next I noticed that it would NOT shift into 3rd gear and was revving very high.  Something was definitely going wrong with the transmission.  After finding a forward only turn around spot we limped the truck back to the highway and Wes called a mechanic that he knew in Cabo.  He recommended that I don’t drive it anymore but call a tow truck which Wes took care of for me.  After an hour wait the tow truck shows up and wants 1,000 Pesos to tow me to town and i agree.  As we make it to the highway something in the back makes a snapping noise and the Tow Bar rubber thingy dealy breaks and BASHES a dent into the tailgate!  The driver kind of shrugs as if this is common and I think would have driven on had Wes not mentioned the problem.  He re-attaches the truck and we continue to the tranny repair place that Wes knew of in Cabo.  I pay the driver the 1,000 Pesos, he leaves but the place is not open.  We call the number on the building and feel like real winners when we can hear it ringing INSIDE the building  …DUH!!! another hour or more and Julio, a great friend of Wes’, shows up in his Jetta and says he knows the owner of the shop and had just dropped off a transmission there last week for repair. Julio calls the mechanic!  Two minutes later he shows up, takes the pan off the truck and tells me it needs to be rebuilt & will be about 12,000 Pesos, mas y menos ( more or less)!  OUCH!!!
So WOW!  I just got done writing about my GREAT little truck and how it was smiling at me on the beach …maybe that was really a sneer and im BAD a reading truck facial expressions!!!
Anyway I have a decision to make about this day …will I effect it or will it affect me!  Will I choose to believe what is true about this day …I am NOT in charge but He is and is looking out for my BEST!   

…I WILL!IMG_7708

NEW Top List 10 for the day:

1) got to fish with a great friend & saw a beautiful sunrise

2) got the truck loose because Wes knew to let out some air out of the tires and how to dig it out properly

3) Wesley’s mechanic perhaps saved me some extra damage by telling me NOT to drive it

4) it was an overcast day, not too hot waiting for the tow truck & Wes showed me a bunch of COOL desert trees and flowers that I am  usually driving by at 70MPH ( slow down & smell the roses)


IMG_77235) the truck DIDN”T breakdown on the way DOWN to Cabo where it would be VERY TOUGH to fix

6) Wesley called the tow truck driver to check JUST AS he was about to make a wrong turn

7) Julio knew the Transmission Mechanics cell number

8) the repairs (subject to parts avail) will be done in a day or two

9) im getting my transmission totally rebuilt for about $1,000 USD ( all in all VERY CHEAP)

10) Julio let me borrow his extra car so i was able to keep an appointment easily with a Resort in Cabo

Now if I can only keep this perspective, focusing on the things above NOT on the things of earth!  …by the grace of God!


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