…not just another cup, its Cabo Coffee!!!

IMG_0425Each morning when my phone goes off at 5:05 I drag myself to the kitchen of our condo here in Cabo San Lucas, open the fridge and grab the Cabo Coffee.  When I open the bag the magnificent aroma already perks me up a little and I cant wait as the drip drip drip starts in the coffee maker. You have to love a company that’s byline is “DEATH BEFORE DECAF”!!!


This is a GREAT brew and I cant wait to have a slug. On certain mornings, or afternoons i actually make it to the Cabo Coffee shop itself, just 5 minute walk from our casita, to grab a latte, but not just ANOTHER cup of coffee but a little work of caffeinated art!


IMG_1178IMG_0426IMG_7157Of course I am ALWAYS wanting this to be my daily cup  …at the shop and ON THE WATER!!!!


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