…peppers, peppers, MUCHO MAS peppers!!!

IMG_7884One of the great things about Los Cabos is the fresh veggies that are grown locally or brought here from the mainland!  In Baja California Norte (BCN) Mary and I passed acres and acres of greenhouse as far as the eye could see with every imaginable thing being grown therein!  …great but im a a meat and potatoes guys, well meat and salad guy (low carb) & not big on veggies or anything green really!  One thing I DO really like are peppers.  Well Baja is a pepper lovers paradise and they have TONS of different ones to delight your palate!

IMG_7745a new favorite of mine is the Chile de Arbol (Chile of the tree) a HOT little guy that they serve whole and use to make a very good picante type sauce to put on eggs and other things. Here’s one hanging out in the frejoles I wont be eating!!!


Check out the variety of peppers from the local Wal-Mart here in Cabo San Lucas (yes, there is a Wal-Mart in Cabo!) YUMMMMMM!!!!!

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