SLOW METAL …get a look at those chompers!!!

The Sierra are great gamefish that are plentiful here in Baja in the “Winter” time (its in the 70’s & 80’s) but they LIKE the cooler water!  They are a fun fish on lighter tackle and eat just about anything.  The preferred method is to rip some kind of shiny metal thing! For years the locals made lures out of old chrome golf club shafts filled with lead. I have been VERY successful lately on what I have dubbed “SLOW METAL”! At times even when there is surface activity the fish are reluctant tyo eat a fast moving piece of hardware.  People say “they just weren’t biting today” but the truth is they were eating all kinds of bait as you could see from the splashes all over the surface!  Using a floating twitch type bait is good idea but the need to cast far is KEY here in Baja. My solution is SLOW METAL, a 2-3oz metal jig (Jansen Misil or the like) that i can cast 125-150 YARDS or more and then slow reel and jig back!  Be ready to loose a few jigs as the Sierra tend to eat deep on SLOW METAL but a short 4-6″ crimped wire will help out and doesn’t seem to bother them too badly!  The other day I landed 4 NICE Sierras in short order the other 10 anglers on the beach combined didn’t have that many ripping metal in the traditional fashion! Kinda felt bad for a second …well maybe just a little bad! So give SLOW METAL a try and let me know your results!!! Watch out for those teeth …they are like razor blades and can lop off a finger if your not careful!!!


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