…ocho Toros!!! (“eight Jacks” for us gringos)

IMG_8956…some mornings you are given lemons and you can decide to MAKE lemonade or not!  Such was this morning but thank God I pushed thru the negatives for a great result!!!!My iPhone went off at 5:30 and as I turned to roll out of bed I was so sore from yesterday’s 3 hour Yak trip my legs protested!  Pressing the “snooze” I thought just a few more minutes… this is why my backup alarm goes off at 5:45 AM! Still sore I made a pot of Cabo Coffee & got in the truck for the 10 minute commute to the beach near the old lighthouse in San Lucas! Arriving “late”at a bout 6:10 I nearly had a head on with Wesley Brough (the Cabo Surfcaster) on his way out of the corner. A short convo told me that it was near impossible to fish with a stiff wind & HUGE waves breaking way out! Let’s do the math: 1) Im sore & tired, 2) Late, 3) Un-fishable conditions, 4) oh & I only had about 45 minutes to fish as I was meeting a buddy about starting to produce the HammerHead for me here in Baja. ( the HammerHead is a new net design that was stuck in my noggin for a few years and finally is coming to fruition).

So what the heck …only a short time to fish anyway i’ll risk it!  As the light was just barely enough to see the Sierras  started jumping in their grey-hounding fashion but as Wes had said they were unreachable …out in the 175-200 yard range!  DANGITALREADY!  I kept casting and even start running out on the sand as the waves retreated to try and get a cast far enough out into some “clean” water. Next thing I know BOOM …hooked up and taking drag!  A nice Jack Crevalle, not big but the fun size comes to hand.  Next cast two cranks of the Stella 10k & BLOWUP …another Jack! Next cast BOOOOOM another.  For the next 30 minutes every cast had a hit, a fish on or a fish landed!  No monsters but constant action from a very spunky fish with great attitude! I land 8 Toros (Jacks)!!! 7:05 I’m out of there!

Lemonade indeed!!!

Enjoy the short video …good thing I had my LifeProof case as I dropped the iPhone5 right in the waves and sand for a second!

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