…Roosters and more in East Cape!!!


Spent the day with new friend Jim K at his lot on the  East Cape and boy was it fun!  Jim and I got to the beach late, about 2pm, and started walking to the point just South of his beach front property.  The water was SO different than the Pacific fishing we had been fishing the past few weeks, waves a HUGE 4″ tall and deep spots out were 6′ …and CRYSTAL clear.  The elevated beach allowed us to see fish from a few hundred yards away and the hunt began in earnest.  The first Gallo I saw was a large one for April, perhaps 30lbs and about 140 yards off the beach, moving left to right, meaning he came up from behind us.  I launched a cast with the 2.25oz Cabo Killer in Chrome and got the fish’s attention, he made a course correction, followed for some 20-30′ and then turned to resume his travels!  Never got too hot on the lure even with my “expert” working of the bait!!! jajajaja  About 10 minutes later another Rooster appeared about 20#’s and I was getting excited thinking we may have stepped into a late in the day alignment of the Planets. Cast …rip …twitch, follow, follow, follow, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and REJECTED!!! About 15-20 minutes later, Jim and I have been casting and looking all around, a bunch of little Roosters, 10 or 20 come crashing after the lure.  Jim casts and they are right behind his lure trying to eat it!  I yell SLOW DOWN, SLOW DOWN but in the excitement I think he was reeling FASTER and finally ran out of water! I heave another long bomb after a fish i can just barely see for distance and clear him by 20 yards and start my  retrieve.  I usually start by ripping the Cabo Killer (or Ballyhoo) super fast to make some noise then moderate it depending on conditions.  This fish turns to intercept the lure and does the classic side to side slashing action of a Rooster or Jack Crevalle!  I lower my Carolina Cast Pro rod and to keep the lure lower on the surface and start twitching erratically to illicit a strike and am reward summarily! The drag on my Stella 10000 screams bloody murder as this, what I presume is a Rooster, heads for mainland Mexico at high speed!  This was a spectacular follow and eat as we were on an elevated beach with crystal clear water of 30″ depth.  In about 10 minutes the fish is on the way in a it become apparent that it is a Jack Crevalle of about 10lbs …fighting one makes you realize why they call them El Toro (the Bull) here in Mexico.  What a great walk down the beach in East Cape! …Headed back tomorrow!!!

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