Sierras LOVE the SEBILE Stick Shadd

IMG_8266I had been on a HUGE dry spell on catching this past week!  I had a few small Jacks but kept missing bigger fish and it was really frustrating me!  On Saturday evening I spoke with a new friend, Jim K., that I met on the beach and he told me the bite has been VERY early …before 6:15 or even earlier!   We decided to hook up this morning and hit the Desal Beach (el Planta Desalinizacion) at 5:30!  Somehow (it had to do with more than one fountain in our area) Jim and I never hooked up so I left and headed to the beach alone arriving at 5:25 or so in the dark.  Sure enough Jim was right! At about 5:45 to 6 the Sierra showed up in force and were jumping all over the place after bait.  The only problem was they were NOT eating ANY lures!!!





WHAT TO DO???? I tried Wesley Brough’s Secret Tech… NADA!  I slowed down my retrieve… NADA!  Different lures… NADA!  OK GO DEEP, young man, GO DEEP… NADA! Hmmmmmm!  last thing to try was the SEBILE Stick Shadd 155 SK.  It still can be thrown a good distance and is a great START/STOP, twitch & rip bait!  First cast BOOOOOM!  Hooked up to a large Sierra and my Stella 10000’s drag is screaming!  I land this fish,yank the hook with my Van Staals, check the leader and cast again… twitch, twitch, twitch BOOM! HUGE explosion & hooked up again to another larger Sierra which comes into the shore quite quickly and I pitch it up on the sand. Third cast and another strike from a bit smaller fish which I land, unhook and release!  And that was it BADDA BOOM BADDA BING!  Done!  FINITO!!! ALL OVER!!! …cast for another hour but never saw a fish! Thanks to the SEBILE Stick Shadd I landed 3 really nice Sierra and I was the only one to land fish out of 20 anglers on the beach. Good friend, Marco, fishing next to me was amazed that the lure made such a difference!!!  Also glad Jim called me about getting out early &  it looks like we got our Fountains figured out for manana!!!IMG_8373

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