…the Rodney Dangerfield of Baja!!!

There may be MANY different species of fish that one might put into this category but one comes to mind quickly here in Baja.  As I look over the past 11 weeks of fishing here many times this particular fish seemed to “save the day” for me but also for friend Wesley Brough that guides fulltime down here in Los Cabos.

When you think of Baja one naturally thinks of Roosterfish, I like to call them the signature fish of the Baja, or of course here in Cabo San Lucas, the Striped Marlin.  These are highly sought after fish but not as reliable as you might think, Roosters in particular, although the Stripies are quite available year round.DaveEastCape Toro

I am speaking of the Jack Crevalle, Caranx Hippos!  Although not great table fare, in fact quite poor, they are almost unmatched when it comes to a fight.  Pound for pound Jacks generally put up a greater battle than the Rooosterfish but as the summer comes into full swing the Roosters are SO much bigger (30-100lbs) and more highly prized that the Jacks quickly take a back seat!

WesGrandeToro Unlike the Roosterfish tho the Jacks are a quick bite, less skittish and eat just about anything you will throw at them.  Ya gotta love a fish that so readily eats many lures and flies presented in a diverse number of circumstances!

IMG_8634So I am dubbing the jack Crevalle the “Rodney Dangerfield” of Baja sports fish, they just don’t get the respect they really deserve!  Mark my words that at some point they will save the day and prevent getting skunked with great fanfare if not style!

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