…the Skippies come out to play in Los Cabos!!!



photo 3 Had a great time this evening with Wesley Brough fishing off “el Arco” at lands end in Cabo. We launched at the old cannery beach and peddled out to Lands End in our Hobie Pro Anglers in about 15 minutes. Rounding the last Padre (the rocks at the point) we headed out into the Pacific to jig for some Yellowtail or who knows what!  I started off with a Sabiki rig trying to get a bit of live bait to put on my Marlin rod, you never know as I have caught Striped Marlin 100 yards off the Arch. After several casts I tired of no hook ups and switched out to a SEBILE Fast Cast jig in the White/ Pink color combo in the 100 gram size.  Frigate birds were swirling up high with an occasional dip toward the surface indicating that something was pushing bait from below …always a good sign!  A few 12 second drops to the bottom and WAM I was hooked up and the fish screamed the drag on my Diawa DogFight!  Spooled with 50# Power Pro the reel made short work of the fish which turned out to be a Skip Jack tuna or Skipppy as we call them.photo 1  Not a monster fish Skippies only average about 4-6lbs although I have had some double digit fish  here in Baja! A few more vertical jigs and I was hooked up again and this fish had GREAT attitude to make up for his lack of size! Jig, Jig, Jig BOOM another willing Skippy ripped drag as I balanced in the 4′ waves of the Pacific in the Hobie!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It is a bit of a challenge to stay in the boat while fighting these fish in the rough chop, if fact Wes took a dive while landing a Skippy but managed to hang onto his rod and get back in the boat.  It was a little freaky to look over and see his empty Pro Angler bobbing up & down in the chop!

photo 5All in all Wes landed a nice Yellowtail on the SEBILE Fast Cast and several Skip Jack, I landed 6 Skippies, 4 on the SEBILE Fast Cast jig and 2 on the SEBILE Magic Swimmer 145 trolled behind the Hobie!  SUPER FUN!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWatching the sun retreat from a small boat and then see the lights of Cabo come up as we peddled in was just icing on the cake! Amazing!!!

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  1. Don Kiser says:

    Nice photos Dave.!!!! Noticed you have the new Diawa Dogfight reel. I know you also have a Stella. Which of the two reels do you like better.?? Your thoughts are appreciated. Regards Don

  2. wow Don that is a tough question! I have a bunch of Stellas and have used them for years but i have to say that the DogFight is an amazing piece of engineering that is VERY tough! Once I use the Diawa more i’ll know better but without more cast on the reel it is hard to evaluate. It is extremely smooth and the drag is amazing! i cant wait to stick a Marlin or BIG Tuna on it and then i will really know! I have 30# braid on my Stella 18000 and 10000 both. I measured a cast today on my light rod and Stella 10000 at over 140 YARDS! not too shabby but my DogFight has 50# braid for stopping power, it is my Snapper yanker to get them out of the rocks and it can have 60#+ drag pressure so it doesn’t launch lures that far. Tough to compare BOTH ARE AWESOME!!! if i had to have only one it would be the DogFight with two spools, one 30# and one with 50 or 80# braid!

  3. Don Kiser says:

    Thanks Dave that is great info, really appreciate the feed back. That new Dogfight is a stunning looking piece of engineering. That is a monster of a cast at 140 yrds. that is really getting it out there. If you get a hold of one of the new 2013 Stella’s and have a chance to use it, please post your thoughts on the reel, would love to hear them. There is a guy on blog I follow who completely reviews high end super spinning reels. The guy is not paid by anyone and just gives an unbiased opinion of the best saltwater spinning reels. He completly tears them down piece by piece and tests each componet, then tells you if they are worth purchasing. If you get a chance you Might want to check out his site, the guy is amazing. the address is AlanHawk.com Thanks again regards Don

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