…you are cleared to launch!!!

“Aquarius …this is Control. You are cleared for launch!”

What a foto by good friend Jeff Weeks! Jeff was down in Cabo for a week and ran out to the beach with me early one morning & took a bunch of pictures!  totally COOOOOL!!!

This is a FUN way to look at what you are doing, what the rod is doing and what the lure is doing!  Jeff must have taken a couple hundred shots and has some good ones …this is the first one he sent via FaceBook today!  Can’t wait to see the rest! Lure is reaching 125 to 165 YARDS per cast! (375-500 feet) An easy 7 or 8 iron for you golfers!


Rod: Carolina Cast Pro, 11’ 2-4 Oz.  Custom tied with REC Recoil Nickle Titanium guides

Reel: Shimano Stella 10000 SW

Line: Power Pro 30# Blue

Leader: 80# Fluorocarbon (43.753″) tied on with SEBILE knot, no swivel & 125# snap

Lure: Jansen 2.25 Oz. Ballyhoo in White RedHead color

Glasses: Onos Trading Co “Grand Lagoon” Blue Mirror

Shirt: Columbia Sportswear

Pliers: Van Staal FP7000 -7″ Titanium

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