Dorado Fest 2013 @ Rancho de Costa

DoradoFest 2013 at Rancho de Costa

IMG_0344This past week saw some AMAZING Dorado action in  the Baja.  Reports were that LOTS, TONS, SWARMS of DoDos were readily available from the East Cape to Cabo San Lucas!  Good buddy Gary Wagner, owner of The Giggling Marlin Bar in Cabo, was headed down and invited me to join him in Bahia de Los Suenos (The Bay of Dreams) at his Rancho!  Gary developed the Bay some 8 year ago and has a fantastic place on the beach there.IMG_0353

Rancho de Costa, just south of La Paz, is a spectacular Bay that is protected on the North side by a HUGE point  & Cerralvo Island.  BTW I just learned that Isla Cerralvo was renamed Isla Jacques Cousteau a few years back but the locals will NOT adopt the name!!!

Anyway, Gary and I had several projects to look after and evaluate but managed to get out for a few hours each morning and evening to try our hands at some Dorado fishing!

Our first afternoon out we landed about 30 Dorado in a few hours, mostly on bait …the Humbolt Squid are plentiful this time of year and the Dorado really love to eat them.  After catching a half a dozen Dorado on bait I decided to switch things up a bit and threw the fly …BOOM   HOOOOOOK UUUUP!!!!  Dorado on the big bug!_MG_3991

Next I thought about trying a top water plug and had a SW Spook tied on in  the traditional White/ RedHead pattern!  The fish we had been catching on squid were in the 8-15lb range and although plentiful I was hoping for a big bite!  Our MO was to troll the squid by the buoys that locals put out to attract Dorado and as we did we would hook 2-6 Dorqado every pass!  I moved to the from of the boat and as we got with in 40 yards of the next buoy I launched the Spook , hitting 6′ away from the 2 foot square Styrofoam block!  Twitch, twitch, twitch …my Spook walks back towards me and  BOOM!  Huge Blow Up  …I set the hook & a 30lb Dorado makes for the sky coming down with a BIG thud!  YEAH!!!  Landing the fish I make a second cast and the Spook disappears in a HUGE swirl commencing another aerobatic display characteristic of this spectacular gamefish!  25lber!

_MG_3998At this point LARGER fish were coming to the boat and Gary hooks up with a 25lb+ fish!  NEW MO …Approach the buoy …launch a Spook or Popper and rip it back to the boat …BOOM!  FISH ON!!!  On several casts, when I had switched to ripping a popper at breakneck speed, fish were grey-hounding to the boat, sometimes 10-20 fish at a time!  Incredible!!!

_MG_4003These fish were some of the most colorful Dorado I have ever seen in 20+ years of fishing Baja & certainly the best Dorado action I have ever experienced anywhere on the Planet!!!


All in all in 4 partial days at Rancho de Costa we LANDED 154 Dorado, most released but we did send 50lbs of Fillets to the local orphanage that Gary supports!

Nice review of Rancho de Costa for your info!!!

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