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Cabo Fishing report
March 3rd 2010

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Cabo San Lucas (March 3rd, 2010)
Hi Folks,

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The one thing you can say about Cabo is the great weather. Its 80 degrees with beautiful sunny days. It sure beats the cold and snow back home. When you get the great fishing, golfing, dinning and fun water activities its of the perfect spots on this planet…

The fishing is typical March fishing, good inshore and slow offshore. Every March is the same. The cooler 70-73 degree water moves in and so do the big humbolt squid. These quid grow over 6′ long and the marlin love to eat them. The fish will follow the squid down hundreds of feet and stay there, only to come up to the surface to digest their food. The dorado move south in March and dont come back in any numbers until the water warms up in July. The YF tuna can be in Cabo anytime of the year, but they bigger schools will start showing up in late May and June.

The inshore action is very good right now.. Lots of fish, lots of action… of course we get a slow day form time to time, but thats fishing. On the most part, the fishing is a 8 out of 10.

The roosterfish have been active on most days and are on both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez. We are catching some very nice roosterfish over 20 lbs., but most of the roosterfish are fun sized 6 to 10 lbs. Being the fish they are, they will take the fly with gusto on one day and refuse the same fly the next day. That’s why I love them so much, its always a challenge.
If you want to catch big roosterfish on the fly, start making your plans now. May and June is prime time for these great fish and on most years we are booked solid.

Lots of sierra mackerel right now. We have been catching big ones over 12lbs and even a few up to 15lbs. World records for sure…
Our sierra mackerel are different than the Atlantic sierra mackerel. Our fish more resemble a king Mackerel in size and fight, and are much better eating. These fish are true predators and are a blast to catch, they are one of my favorites as they take a fly with gusto, have fast screaming runs, grow up to 15lbs, Oh yea, they make an awesome ceviche at days end.

Some 15 to 20 lb jacks around, most are still spawning and you can see them daisy chaining on the surface. They are difficult to catch right now, but every once in a while we can get a few to break away for their activities and eat the fly.

We are catching some big Yellowtail on yo-yo and live bait. They are down 100′ or so, so they are difficult to catch them on the fly right now. In the next month or two, they will move closer to the shore line and then we will be catching them on the fly.

We are catching some snapper, but the big schools haven’t moved in yet. Expect the snapper fishing to improve in the next few weeks and go crazy in May and June.

Thats all for now.

Tight Lines,

Grant Hartman
Baja Anglers