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“Find Out What Happens To Sales When You Do A Product Placement In A TV Show And…3.4+ Million People See It”

Unique Advertising Campaigns with 'Fish the Baja'

Product Placements In A TV Show (On NBC Sports) Can Be Extremely Powerful Sales Generators…

Especially When Combined With Our Integrated Unique Call-To-Action…

5th day productions is about to enter Season 3.  Do you have a product or service that would benefit from being strategically placed and promoted on TV?

We have created a unique call-to-action that could cause your campaign to be very productive.

The reason Coke has product placement on “American Idol” is because it sells Coke – and a lot of it.  Travelocity, Snapple and Ford have product placement on “The Amazing Race” because it moves produces and services.  Donald Trump’s  “Celebrity Apprentice” used 7up in a unique way that did an outstanding job selling 7up.

See the impact of product placement :

“When Tim wore our beanie the other day for an interview, we saw a 500 percent increase in our web traffic immediately. Literally immediately,” FRS CEO Carl Sweat said.

While Tim Tebow is not on our show, David Maynard is like a Tim Tebow with the influence he enjoys with his viewership.  Dave is respected and talked about throughout the US and World. He enjoys celebrity status in Cabo San Lucas and was recently awarded 2 Telly Awards, one Telly Award was a People’s Choice Award.

Fish the Baja is filmed in Baja California Sur and is it’s 3rd Season. The show airs on NBC Sports and is Nielsen rated.

Here’s the question: Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote on TV to a large audience of high income earners?

If you do, engage with us now.  Fill out the form on the right now, or call directly and talk with the VP of Sales & Marketing.  719.339.2630

Interesting thing: Most people think TV advertising is expensive…actually it’s the least expensive form of advertising available, even cheaper than online advertising.

When we engage, we’ll provide a full demographic profile of our viewership, our unique call-to-action that integrates with both TV and online campaigns and a product placement proposal that supports your brand and sales goals.

Please know, our product placement is limited and we are aggressively working with advertisers,  so reach out to us now!

In Show Product Placement Show & Host winners of 4 Telly Awards
Call-To-Action Opportunities Audience Demo: 24-54 yrs
Airs on NBC Sports / Neilsen rated Avg Income: $74,500
Integrated with TV and Digital assets 76% own home

Watch the Episode and think about your product logo or brand on the back of Dave’s shirt, see him wearing your baseball cap, or using your product

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Disclaimer: We made reference to Tim Tebow, Donald Trump in this landing page. Please know these people are not affiliated with our show in any way. We are making a reference to an article about product placement found here & here.

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