Unique Advertising Campaigns 2012

“If 3.4 Million (High-End, Targeted) People Saw Your Product 20+ Million Times Of 26 Weeks, Would ThaT Increase Your Sales?

Unique Advertising Campaigns with 'Fish the Baja'

Every Week A Large High Income Audience Watches The Show And Engages Online…

Who Wants To Talk To Them…?

We are excited about Season 3. We will be delivering in excess of 100 million impressions for our sponsors and providing them with new unique campaigns that are not available in the television industry and are integrated with our digital assets.

Fish the Baja has created brand new integrated  and unique advertising campaigns that  allow you to reach an audience in ways never before seen on Television.   We then integrate it all with our digital assets to give the advertiser maximum exposure and impressions.

In Show Product Placement Show & Host winners of 4 Telly Awards
Call-To-Action Opportunities Audience Demo: 24-54 yrs
Airs on NBC Sports / Neilsen rated Avg Income: $74,500
Integrated with TV and Digital assets 76% own home


You can partner with 5th day productions, creators of multiple Telly Award winning (Neilsen rated) Fish the Baja, as we are about to begin Season 3.  Our viewers have a passion for luxury, quality and having fun fishing & living. Fish the Baja takes viewers on 1st class fishing baja adventures each week in style.

We are selective and look for companies who exemplify a quality of service with their products that is aligned with our viewers interests.

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Watch the Episode that won Fish the Baja & Dave Maynard 2 Telly Awards (1 Peoples Choice)

(note: all fish 99.99% are released back into the wild)

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